Welcome to Sugartown is the surreal story of a sickly old man worried about his impending death. He hires a for-profit street preacher hoping for some sort of miracle, only to wind up as a babysitter for a gang that kidnaps children.

Robert Keiper | Dave Gamble | Maxwell Cosmo Cramer
Matt Palmer | Sarah Paust | Kaleb Dunlap | Noah Sommer
Production design Irina Prokhorenko | Costume Design Sara Scopp | 1st AD Brandon Somma
Make up Effects/Costuming Gabriela Rivera-Morales | Edited by Jonathan Arturo Matthew Stolarik
Supervising Sound Editor Kai Paquin | Re-recording Mixer Stefano Campello | Composer Adam Vidiksis
Director of Photography Jonathan Arturo
Produced by Jonathan Arturo Lindsey Arturo Ben Bartel Matthew Stolarik
Written and Directed by Matthew Stolarik